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Licensed in Elementary and Early Childhood Education


4 Year Old Curriculum



Spells Name out loud (w/out looking)

Names all COLORS

Names all SHAPES

Counts 1-20

Matches 1-10

Recognizes 1-20

Knows many letters and sounds

Says/Sings the Alphabet

Identifies and provides Opposites


Rhymes (recognizes and makes rhyming words)

Recognizes measurement (smallest, tallest, longer, shorter, etc.)


Reads a graph telling the most, least, more, less

Sings/says the Days of the Week

Sings/says the Months of the Year


Fine Motor Skills

Writes name without help

Traces on a line

Traces objects

          Properly holds crayons and pencils 

          Cuts on a line

Cuts around objects

Properly holds and uses scissors to cut paper

Coloring mostly in the lines, not scribbling

Assembles puzzles (10 to 24 pieces)

Strings beads


Practical/Life Skills

Knows less-known body parts (elbow, knee, neck, shoulder, etc.)

Follows two to three step directions

Says first, middle, and last name

Knows parent’s first names

Knows how old he/she is

Knows whether he/she is a boy or girl

Knows telephone number

Knows address

Can retrieve and put on backpack and coat


Social & Emotional Skills

Shares toys, crayons, and other items

Shows respect and concern for others

Talks to other children about familiar objects and events

Makes friends, talking and playing with them

Responds to teachers questions and instructions

Takes turns

Tidies up after tasks

Solves problems by using words

Uses imagination in play

Follows rules and procedures

Finishes seat work in a timely manner

Participates in group discussions, and singing time


Listening & Speaking Skills

Listens and focus for about 10 minutes

Listens quietly to stories

Makes statements

Recalls past events

Speaks clearly

Makes needs known

Says sentences of at least five words

Uses appropriate tone of voice and language for school

Shows manners: uses polite words such as “please” and “thank you”

Responds to teacher and classmates



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