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4 Year Old Class Daily Activities

Skills Practice                                                                       10 minutes

Calendar                                                                              15 minutes

Concept & Skill Development                                                15 minutes

Music & Movement                                                              15 minutes

Read to Learn/Show ‘N’ Tell/Classroom Caring                      20 minutes

Theme Learning                                                                   20 minutes

Centers/Outside Play                                                            30 minutes

Snack                                                                                  15 minutes

Singing & Story Time                                                           10 minutes


The following are explanations on each time period of the day:


Skills Practice-The first 10 minutes of each day will serve as a skills practice time where students get to choose from different activities or participate in a group activity that reinforces a skill previously learned. This will also allow children extra practice with skills and allows everyone to get to class before calendar time.


Calendar –The children come together at the beginning of the day to talk about the day of the week, the date, the month, and the year.  We’ll sing songs that will help them learn each of these. Our calendar days will have a pattern for the children to identify and we’ll talk about the weather.  The children will be able to see who is at preschool and who is absent.


Music & Movement- Music & Movement is where we all sing and move to songs, finger plays, or poems about our current theme and upcoming holiday. We learn about loud, soft, high, low, rhythm and other musical themes.


Show 'n' Tell/ Classroom Caring/Read to Learn- During Show 'n' Tell students show or tell their classmates something.  Classroom Caring is held one day each week so we can learn through puppets, story, and dramatization how to develop character values and get along with others. Read to Learn is when we read stories that help us understand more about our monthly theme.  We recall past events, sequence the story, make predictions, and ask questions about the story.  We are working on comprehension skills.


Concept & Skill Development-This is the time when the children will participate in whole class discoveries and hands-on activities that will help them explore academic subjects such as: phonemic awareness, phonics, letter names, writing numbers, letters, etc.


Theme Learning-This is a time to explore the sub-topics associated with our monthly theme (ex. During our Zoo Animal Unit we learn about zebras, elephants, monkeys, etc.) . I might share objects, videos, magazines and books on the subject.  The students will get the opportunity to ask and answer questions on the theme. We will also participate in art projects, crafts, and activities that reinforce the subject matter.


Centers/Outside Play-These hands-on areas will incorporate the monthly theme and other concepts that are being taught. It gives the children time to play and explore as they reinforce content matter and practice their social skills. The different centers the children are given to choose from include: Arts & Crafts Center, Blocks & Puppets Center, Science & Discovery Center, Dramatic Play Center, Sand & Water Table Center, and Play Dough & Games & Puzzles Center. In addition, when the weather permits we may go outside to play games, explore or use the parachute.


Snack Time-Each day the children will be provided a small nutritious snack before parents come to pick them up.


Singing & Story Time- Just as the name states this is a time to read favorites book to the children, go over homework, or sing some silly song while the students are waiting to go home.



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